ST Wilfrid's CE Academy recorded its highest number of students receiving top grades in this year's GCSE results.

The Duckworth Street academy in Blackburn saw a total of 39 students achieve one of the new 9 grades.

Several students recorded a remarkable set of 9 and 8s, including twin sisters Charlotte and Lucy Gregson, who both achieved four 9 grades.

Charlotte said the pair were both overwhelmed with their grades.

She said: "We both did so well it was fantastic.

"We've worked so hard for so long and now everything has come out great.

"There was a little bit of sibling rivalry but deep down we both wanted each other to do well."

Lucy said: "I agree with Charlotte, we both wanted each other to do great.

"We've done so well and I'm so pleased.

"There was a lot of pressure I thought, we've all had to go through a tough few months."

The sisters plan to stay at the academy's sixth form in Duckworth Street and study history, textiles and English


Jane Gregson, the twins' mum, said she was was ever so proud of her daughter's achievements.

She said: "I am absolutely delighted at the news.

"They have got similar results, Lucy got a 9 in maths and Charlotte got an 8.

"And Charlotte got a 9 in English and Lucy got an 8, so they both did very well.

"They worked hard together.

"My concern was for them, I would have felt awful if one had done a lot better than the other.

"We wanted them to pass and anything above that would have been great.

"In the mocks they got very high results so we knew they would do well.

Morgan Dwyer received nine grades which were all 9, 8 and A*.

Rebecca Baron and Alice Robinson each collected eight grades which were all 9, 8 and A*.

Rebecca, who scored highly in science and maths, said: "I'm really happy as I did better than I expected.

"I studied very hard."

Marcie Gavahan, who received one 9 grade and six 8 grades, said: "I was really nervous before going in to get my results as I didn't know what to expect.

"But now I have them I can relax."

Marcie will stay at the academy's sixth form and study law, history and English Language.

Emma Bamber, who received a grade 9 in English Literature and 8 in history, RE and English Language, said: "I was worried I would fail English.

"I was so scared.

"I will study maths, media studies and 3-D design at Runshaw College."

The school's principal Cath Huddleston said: "We are delighted with the results our students have achieved this summer.

"Their efforts throughout the year, along with their dedication to revision and the phenomenal support from teachers and parents alike, has led to this success.

"I wish all of our students the very best for the future and hope to see many of them continuing their educational journey with us in our sixth form."