ENGLAND’S cricket team is developing a reputation as being extremely good – but lacking in off-the-field class.

That isn’t my opinion, that is the opinion of a number of overseas professionals I know and have spoken to over the years.

A couple of Aussies seem almost keen to pull the whites and Green Baggy back on just to have another crack at the Pommies.

It is great to win; it is great to be on top of the world rankings. But do we really want to be up there on the back of being tarnished with being a little bit unpleasant?

The decision to rest James Anderson for this week’s Test match with the West Indies is shocking – and highlights why so many countries put that extra in against England.

By resting him the selectors are showing a lack of respect to the Windies and to the public who have shelled out a fortune for tickets.

You just don’t rest players for the greatest test of cricket, dead rubber or not. Especially when he says he is fit.

But seen as he has the weekend off, wouldn’t it be good to see Anderson turn out for Burnley on Sunday.