Eccleston library is set to be refurbished as part of a million pound a year improvement scheme to the county’s libraries The current premises, at The Green, are said by the council to to be in poor physical condition, have little flexible community space areas and movable shelving.

The Regenerate programme of improvements to Lancashire libraries started in 2006 and has so far refurbished 23 of Lancashire's 74 libraries, including major works five years ago in Euxton.

Eccleston has been included in plans for the future refurbishment of libraries over the next three years.

The village library is listed as the sixth most urgent in the top 15 priorities for full refurbishment behind Accrington, the Harris in Preston, Bolton-le-Sands and Chatsworth.

A report into the work already carried out summarises the benefits of the improvements. It states: “The work has been very well received by local communities and libraries have been able to hold many more and varied activities thanks to the new flexible space.”

Eccleston library opened in 1988 as part of the Carrington Shopping Centre.

It replaced a hired room in the old working men's institute on the Green.

Although on the priority list, it is not specified when work on the Eccleston will begin.