DOG walkers and ramblers have been asked to help solve a 'murder' as police continue their hunt for a body.

Alan Street was killed in a violent struggle at a house in Stockbridge Street, Padiham, on Sunday, December 21, according to police.

The vehicle police believe was used to transport the body afterwards was found dumped 10 days later in Annie Street, Accrington.

Officers are now seeking information from anyone who may have seen the blue Mitsubishi Colt registered to Alan Palmer, the occupant of the house in Stockbridge Road, at Rivington Pike, near Chorley.

Three weeks into the investigation, mounted police officers and neighbourhood officers yesterday converged on the beauty spot, thought by murder squad detectives to be a site where the body could have been taken.

Police handed out leaflets and put up posters appealing for information from anyone who may have seen suspicious activity.

Det Supt Neil Hunter said: “The operation is about engaging the ramblers and dog walkers in an area that intelligence has flagged up as area of interest. We are reaching out to those who use this area to think carefully about things they have seen.”

Shortly after the discovery of the car, which is registration PE58OJY, police revealed that blood found in it was that of the victim.

Mr Palmer and Peter Leonard, who detectives believe may also have been involved, are still on the run.

Anyone with information should call police on 01282 425001 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.