TWO police officers from East Lancashire who tackled a violent knifeman who bit off his girlfriend’s nose have been recommended for a national police bravery award.

PC Marc Rigby and PC Ian McGinty faced down Robert Wilson, who had been on a barefooted rampage in just his underwear through Simonstone in July 2010.

Wilson ran at PC Rigby, brandishing an eight-inch knife, and forced him to the ground, repeatedly trying to stab him, but the officer managed to grab his wrists.

PC McGinty was forced to use multiple Taser shots to subdue the half-naked Wilson, just yards from the village’s primary school.

The two officers escaped from the confrontation with just cuts and bruises.

But his original victim, Jane Ireland, who he left at her home in Hapton Road, Padiham, later faced reconstructive surgery on her face.

Wilson, who had a long history of violence, was later jailed indefinitely, after admitted causing grievous bodily harm to his then-partner.

PC Rigby and PC McGinty were presented with the William Garnet Cup, the Lancashire Constabulary’s highest bravery award.

And now it has been confirmed that the pair are in the running for a national police bravery award.

Rachel Baines, Lancashire’s Police Federation Chairman, said: “The public of Lancashire should be proud of their actions that day. They represent the very best the constabulary has to offer.”

Police feared that Wilson, who had been on the run for eight hours, could have potentially harmed the public in his agitated state.

Chief Constable Steve Finnigan said: “The dedication and courage shown by the officers is a credit to them, and worthy of the highest recognition. They put their lives at risk and showed tremendous bravery in order to protect members of the public.”