A CAGE-fighter who decided to video blog his battle with terminal cancer has been told that he is responding ‘unbelievably’ well to his first course of chemotherapy.

Wil Handford, 22, from Colne was told in April that he had stage four bowel cancer and had between three to six months to live.

He uploaded a video to his Facebook page, which was viewed thousands of times, detailing his illness and describing the moment that the doctors told him he had a life expectancy ‘less than his phone contract’.

Since then, the former Fishermore High School student has had chemotherapy treatment every two weeks.

Wil said: “I had a number of tumours but my latest scan showed that they had all shrunk and some of them are now smaller than a grain of salt.

“I have to wait a few more weeks before I know what all this means in terms of life expectancy and the possibility of further treatment but it’s all looking good.

“I feel much better in myself too. I’ve been feeling healthier and getting out and about with friends so it’s been really good to hear some good news.”

In the new video blog, Wil makes jokes and says that he is feeling ‘back to normal’.

It has already been viewed more than 1,000. times.

Wil’s optimistic attitude has touched many people and he gets messages and comments from people that he’s never met offering support or thanking him for his positivity after they have found themselves in a similar situation.

Wil says that he hopes his videos will depict a recovery and will benefit other people who have been given a terminal prognosis.

He said: “I just hope it gives people a bit of hope and lets other people know that you can improve and you can still get good news even when you’ve been told the worst.

“The doctors have said that there is a possibility of surgical treatment now that my tumours are much smaller, which they never said before and they said that I’m doing unbelievably well.”