A TASER gun with enough power to kill has been seized by police.

Officers in Rossendale have now launched an investigation into the origins of the 100,000 volt stun gun allegedly bought online.

The illegal firearm, with double the power of a police Taser, was seized from a house in Rawtenstall after residents reported there was one in the area, police said.

Officers allegedly found it in the possession of a man in his 20s.

The Panther model, suggested online as a useful tool to carry in self-defence, can be bought from web-based stores in the United States for $18.50 – just under £11.

The potentially lethal device is powered by a single nine-volt battery.

PC Alan Brown, of Rossendale Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We were made aware that a male had a Taser in his house by local intelligence gathering.

“Our support team then carried out a number of search warrants on properties.

“A male in his 20s attended the station voluntarily and was interviewed, but was not charged with any offence.

“Our inquiries are still very much ongoing. We want to know where this came from and why somebody bought it.

“We know you can get them abroad, through the internet, which we are investigating.

“The Tasers the police use are 50,000 volts, so half the power of this.

“If it was used on someone that wasn’t very well, or had heart problems it could definitely kill them. On someone that is fit, it would cause them a great deal of pain, at the very least.”

Anyone with information about the weapon, which was seized on Monday, July 21, should call police on 101.