A POLICE officer who allegedly ignored calls because he was having sex on duty has admitted ‘my career has come to an end’.

A court heard how ‘exemplary’ Blackburn PC Lee Haworth began a sexual relationship with Katrina Ianson Hughes, who he met after she suffered a ‘fat lip’ in an dispute.

Despite admitting the affair, Liverpool Crown Court was told that Haworth, 39, a former Rhyddings High School pupil, was a ‘strong performing officer’ with the Hyndburn immediate response unit.

The defendant denies misconduct in a public office. He told the jury: “I regret every part of it. It is something that should not have happened.

"There is no excuse for it. I regret my actions. I regret my involvement with Miss Ianson Hughes.

“There is a professional line I should not have crossed. I more than anything regret the effect it has had on my family."

The judge heard how Haworth ignored three calls on April 5 last year. One was a code one emergency while two were code two high-priority incidents.

The father told the jury that while he was with Miss Ianson Hughes, he intended to respond immediately if he was needed, but did not think it was necessary to volunteer his help.

Nick Clarke QC, defending, said the jury had to find Haworth had seriously flouted the law to find him guilty.

The court heard from other police officers and call handlers who said Haworth was always ‘professional’. Sgt Stephen Hilton said: “I found him to be the most knowledgeable and one of the hardest working police officers on the team.”

Haworth previously admitted a charge relating to a breach of the Data Protection Act.

Mr Justice Holroyde is expected to sum up the case today, when the jury will be sent out to consider their verdict.