HUNDREDS of people of all faiths are expected to come together to mark the end of Ramadhan in Accrington as local restaurants and takeaways donate food to the community.

The public Iftar - the evening meal when Muslims break their fast at sunset - has grown in size since first being launched six years ago as a simple flash mob concept.

Great Harwood councillor Noordad Aziz said: “This year we are opening our fast with the community of Hyndburn, and sharing food with the community.

“It follows on from our successful Iftar event last year, in Blackburn and Burnley, with the homeless. These events are brilliant for bringing the community together and share the lessons of month of Ramadhan along with sharing food.

“It also give a chance for people to learn about other communities and interact with people they may never talk to.”

In 2008, the first community Iftar saw students from Manchester carrying out a flash mob, and sharing their food with the homeless.

A country-wide event, The Big Iftar, was launched in the wake of the horrific Woolwich attack, when soldier Lee Rigby was killed in the street by two extremists.

Prime Minister David Cameron has also voiced his support for the campaign, which has spread nationwide since 2013.

This year’s Iftar will start from 9pm on Sunday, July 20, outside Accrington’s Market Hall. Food will be served from 9.30pm when fasting opens.

Coun Aziz added: “We would like to invite all the community of Hyndburn to come and break their fast with us and share local Asian cuisine that will be donated by the local eateries. This is not my event, but the Muslim community of Hyndburn’s event.

“This is an invite to come and share the food when we open the fast, and it's for all parts of the Hyndburn community to come and join in, to experience what the community goes through when it opens the fast.”