A COURT has heard details of three incidents ignored by a Blackburn police officer while he allegedly had sex during a shift.

In response to one police radio request, Hyndburn PC Lee Haworth said he would attend the scene of a reported break-in at a home in Clayton-le-Moors, but remained at the Oswaldtwistle home of the woman he was allegedly sleeping with.

The 39-year-old, from Blackburn, denies misconduct in public office.

Of the three calls Haworth ignored on April 5 last year, one was a code one emergency incident, while two were code two high-priority incidents.

The first incident, which Haworth was informed of directly at 11.45pm, involved man who had discovered damage at his friend's house in Rutland Close, Clayton-le-Moors.

Keith Sutton, prosecuting, told the court: "Mr Haworth replied that he had received the information and said: 'Show me attending'."

Giving evidence, Peter Acheson, a supervisor at Lancashire police's communications team, which handles 999 calls, replied: "That's another way of saying: 'Yes I can go and I'm going out to the incident'."

Two further indirect radio appeals were made the court heard.

One was made at 11.54pm relating to Hood Street, Accrington, where there had already been a police presence that evening, and one regarding the welfare of a missing elderly man missing from his home in Monk Street, Accrington, which came through at 12.26am.

The Hood Street incident was classed as an emergency by call handlers because it involved the same person who had earlier caused trouble at the address.

On both occasions, Haworth, part of Hyndburn police's immediate response team, did not answer his radio and other officers volunteered to deal with the call-outs.

Yesterday afternoon, the jury heard transcripts of Haworth's interview with Detective Constable Leslie Clegg from when he was arrested on October 23 last year.

Asked if he ever had a sexual relationship with Katrina Ianson-Hughes, Haworth replied: "That's absolute rubbish. I'm in a long-term relationship."

When pressed further, he added: "I'm in no position to ask anyone to be in a relationship. That's not even a possibility."

The court heard how Haworth was well-respected since joining the force in 2008 and had been deployed to London during the widespread rioting in 2011.

When it was put to to him that Ms Ianson-Hughes claimed she had sex with him while he was on duty, Haworth told police: "That's absolute rubbish as well. That never happened."

Later in the interview, he admitted that flirtatious texts were sent from his police phone, but labelled them as 'fantasy'.

Haworth, a father-of-two, said: "I won't have a career forever, but I will hopefully have a family forever. I made a mistake, hit the delete button and moved on."

On the second day of his trial at Liverpool Crown Court, Haworth also changed his plea in relation to a separate charge relating to a breach of the Data Protection Act.

The jury subsequently found him guilty of accessing Lancashire police computer systems in order to illegally find out details about a crash involving his personal car.