BEN Blakeley described himself as ‘evil’ when he was questioned by police about the disappearance of former Pendle schoolgirl Jayden Parkinson.

Yesterday, a jury at Oxford Crown Court was played a video of his third police interview on December 11 last year after he was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping.

In the interview Blakeley refused to answer questions about the whereabouts of his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend who at that stage had been missing for nine days.

It is the prosecution case that Jayden, a former pupil at Primet High School, Colne, was murdered by her 22-year-old boyfriend in open countryside south of Didcot on December 3 after she told him she was pregnant.

During the video interviewing officer DC Justin Walsh told Blakeley, who was wearing a dark hooded top with the hood pulled up, that he had “an awful habit of trying to manipulate this interview”.

To this, the suspect replied: “I’m an awful person. I’m evil.”

Blakeley was released on bail after the interview and arrested on suspicion of murder on the following day.

A statement from the officer who took him into custody said the suspect was shaking when handcuffs were put on him and had a claw hammer in his pocket.

On Tuesday, the court heard how Blakeley told a prison nurse that he was now ‘a celebrity’ and wanted to watch himself on the television news.

He was ‘laughing and jovial’ when he allegedly made the comment while being held at HMP Bullingdon in Oxfordshire.

Cally Brinsley, a senior nurse in HMP Bullingdon's health unit, said Blakeley had repeatedly asked for a television in his cell and believed that if he gave her information about Jayden’s murder he would get a TV.

“He wanted to see what was going on with the case and seeing himself on the television," she told jurors.

"He was very jovial in his behaviour. He would answer a question from me and that if he provided the correct answer, he would say ‘Can I have a television now please?’ “He did shout down the corridor at me, ‘I'm a celebrity now, miss.’”

Blakeley, a former binman, also wrote a letter confessing to killing Jayden and said he ‘deserved 30 years’ for what he had done.

Blakeley, of Christchurch Road, Reading, admits manslaughter and perverting the course of justice but denies murder. A 17-year-old who cannot be named admits perverting the course of justice but denies preventing burial.

The trial continues.