A HEALTH boss is to visit an ambulance control room to investigate why a disabled woman who fell from her wheelchair was left waiting for paramedics for 90 minutes.

Marion Parfitt, who has multiple sclerosis, was left covered in blood, and in pain, in the middle of a busy Clitheroe road as she, and her husband, waited for help to arrive.

The 67-year-old, of Pendleside Close, Sabden, suffered facial injuries, and was told she might need plastic surgery.

County Coun Azhar Ali, health chief at Lancashire County Council, wrote to the North West Ambulance Service to find out what had gone wrong.

He said: “I have had one of the personnel contact me to go and visit the call centre.

“I want to go and have a look. I do not blame them, but I think, because of the cuts, they have cut down on the numbers. With Mrs Parfitt’s incident, the fact that she was lying in the middle of the road is just crazy.

“I want to know why it happened, and generally what is happening, because if this is one of many incidents, there are lots of questions to be asked.”