A NURSE who accepted a stolen Starbucks mug from a paedophile while out on a day trip from hospital has been suspended for 12 months.

Adele Mauback, a nurse at Kemple View psychiatric hospital, was returning from an authorised trip with the dangerous patient and a healthcare assistant when they stopped at the cafe.

The patient, who was deemed a risk to young boys, was held on the low secure unit at the hospital in Langho, Blackburn.

Mauback was employed by Partnerships in Care at the time of the incident on 1 July 2011.

She cleaned her cup with a tissue and told the patient she would like one of the branded mugs for herself, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.

She didn’t challenge him when he put the mug in the boot of her car before making their way back to the hospital.

The NMC found a host of allegations against the nurse proved including failing to escort the patient at all times, not intervening when he took the mug, accepting the item and not reporting the incident.

Mauback was not present but sent a representative to the tribunal in central London.

She admitted she had not stayed with the patient throughout the trip, and also admitted failing to challenge him when he stole the cup, and not recording the incident on their return to the hospital.

The nurse had denied accepting the mug, but the panel ruled the charge proved on the balance of probability.

The panel also determined Mauback's actions in failing to report the incident to hospital staff was ‘deliberately and dishonestly withholding information from the care team’.

Panel chair Timothy Cole said: “Miss Mauback’s conduct was serious as it involved multiple acts of dishonesty’.

He added: “Although Miss Mauback made admittance to most of the charges, she continued to abdicate responsibility for the consequences of her actions.”

She was also found guilty of allegations that she lied while applying for a job with Calderstones Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

She concealed her dismissal for misconduct and said she left Partnerships in Care because she had been bullied.

Mauback has 28 days to appeal the panel’s decision.