RESIDENTS’ calls for a lower speed limit outside Accrington and Rossendale College will be answered.

Traffic travelling along Broad Oak Road, in Accrington, will now be forced to slow to 20mph after concerns were raised by locals.

They demanded action after the council granted the college permission to build a new sports hall on its site in the road.

But their calls for a residents only parking scheme may not be answered unless they meet the cost themselves, it was revealed.

Local councillor Tony Dobson said: “Broad Oak Road is quite a narrow street and has parking on one side.

“It must take around 1,000 car journeys every day these days, so residents are asking the council and college to be a bit more sensitive about the road.

“It’s a 30mph road but it should only be 20mph, and some students are using spaces that should be for residents.

“I’m fully supportive of that.

“The residents have a lot to put up, because they will have it seven days a week when the sports hall opens, so anything we can do to try and ease the problem will be good.”

Oliver Starkey, highways manager for Hyndburn, said: "We are proposing to introduce a 20mph speed limit on Broad Oak Road which will come into effect at college opening and closing times.

"We will shortly consult local residents and the college to give them the opportunity to have their say about the proposals.

"Hyndburn Borough Council previously offered a residents parking scheme on Broad Oak Road, but residents did not want it because of the cost.

"The county council would not object to a resident parking scheme for this area, but does not fund these types of schemes. Hyndburn Borough Council would need to lead on investigating the request and identify funding. We have however supplied the county council's criteria to help Hyndburn move this forward."