THE mum of cancer battler Sam Shaw has spoken of her relief and joy after he was given the ‘all clear’.

The five-year-old, who received immunotherapy treatment in America after £250,000 was raised by people all over East Lancashire, was given the news by doctors this week.

Delighted mum Christine said it was the news she and her husband Carl had been waiting for after a roller-coaster emotional year.

Fundraisers also spoke of their delight with Bank of Dave boss Dave Fishwick saying it was ‘better news than Burnley getting promoted’.

Speaking exclusively to the Lancashire Telegraph, Mrs Shaw, of Glencoe Avenue, Hoddlesden, said: “We are absolutely ecstatic.

“I cannot put into words the relief that we are feeling.”

The last month has been an incredibly stressful time for the family as they waited for Sam’s test results.

Mrs Shaw said: “He had scans and they had taken bone marrow biopsies, but they couldn’t use them so we had to wait another three weeks.

“Everything was done by email and our GP told us we would find out earlier this week but we didn’t hear anything.

“He said he would chase it up and let us know, so I kept flicking on my phone every five minutes waiting for the email.

“As soon as I saw the message was in I took it outside and read it on my own.

“It was such a relief and it was great to be able to tell Carl and then ring around all our friends and family.

“It was a strange feeling. We started off being very positive because he had been doing so well but then the longer it went on we started fearing the worst.

“But it is such a relief when you get the news you have been waiting for.

“This is what we have been waiting for since day one when he was diagnosed and Sam has stayed so strong and battled so hard.”

Sam will have surgery next week to have his central line, used to give him medicines, removed and has to have six-weekly meetings with the consultant.

He will also have to undergo scans and tests every three months.

Mrs Shaw said: “The next two years are critical but they say seven years is the key time.

“We will take it bit by bit.

“This is a massive milestone but we are always cautious that time is precious and we need to be aware it can come back.”

Mrs Shaw said the family had gone out for a special meal to celebrate.

She said: “His grandad picked him up from St Paul’s Primary School and made him have a sleep before we went out to a local pub for a meal.

“We called it a ‘big boys night out’ and Sam was one happy little boy.”

Mrs Shaw said she wanted to thank everyone who had helped raise the money to fund his treatment in the US as well as supporting the family since his neuroblastoma diagnosis in January 2013.

His four month treatment in Philadelphia had to be paid for privately because it is not available in Britain or on the NHS.

She said: “There are so many fantastic people who have helped and we have had such wonderful support with so many events.

“It has been a very humbling and emotional experience.

“I am so grateful and thankful for all the support we have received.”

Events included a charity football match between Blackburn Rovers former players and AFC Darwen veterans, organised by former Rovers midfielder Mark Patterson, and ‘Sam’s Big Day Out’ featuring an all-star line-up at Colne Muni.

He was also given £1,000 by ‘Bank of Dave’ business mogul Mr Fishwick after former Bucks Fizz singer Sally Jacks, from Ightenhill, pledged to recreate her ‘Come Dine With Me’ menu for the highest bidder on online auction site eBay.

Mr Fishwick said it was ‘the best news’ he had heard all year.

He said: “That is marvellous. It is better news than Burnley getting promoted to the Premier League.

“I met him when he came to the bank and he was inspiring.

“That little boy was inredibly brave and courageous and for him to have to go through what he has is so unfair.

“But what a wonderful thing it is for him to get the all clear and a chance at a long and full life.”

Ex-Rovers player Mark Patterson added: “It is fantastic news and I am really delighted for the lad, as I’m sure everyone in Darwen is.”