A TERRIFIED teenager was allegedly repeatedly raped by a knifeman after he dragged her down a ginnel in Colne, a jury was told.

Adam Collier, 26, had also forced other sex acts on the 17-year-old as he callously told her to be quiet during the alleged attack in a dark, dirty and freezing garden area, last November, the court heard. 

Burnley Crown Court was told how Collier had pulled the alleged victim into a shed after she had been refused entry into a nearby pub and had become separated from her friends.

Collier was later arrested, claimed that what happened was consensual and normal and said the teenager had fancied him.

The defendant, from Colne, but of no fixed address, denies three charges of rape, two counts of assault by penetration and three allegations of sexual assault.

Prosecutor Richard Haworth told the jury the girl had gone out with friends, they had been to the Union pub, but she was refused entry.


The defendant approached her and said he would try and get her back in and grabbed her hand. Bouncers still refused her entry, Collier suggested he would try to get her in the back door, led her towards the rear of the premises and then took her down a ginnel.

Mr Haworth said the teenager was terrified. She was pulled into a shed, the defendant told her to be quiet and sit down and raped her. The girl pleaded with him not to do it. She was cold and crying and repeatedly saying she wanted to go back to her friends.

The prosecutor said: "His response was to tell her to keep quiet. He said he just wanted to have sex, he was going to do it in any event and that she was fit. He said it over and over again."

Mr Haworth said Collier raped her twice and carried out more sex acts.

He said the alleged victim managed to get back to the street, met up with her friends and immediately told them she had been raped.

The teenager, who had no idea who had attacked her, gave a description to the police.

Collier was arrested at his mother's house in Birtwistle Avenue, Colne. He was interviewed and declined to answer questions. The defendant then asked for a further consultation with his solicitor and after that started to answer questions put to him.

Mr Haworth said it was put to Collier that she was in pain and she was hurt. The defendant said: "I didn't need to force anything on her. She liked me. She fancied me."

Mr Haworth said a doctor who examined the teenager concluded her bruises were the result of blunt force trauma. Other injuries the alleged victim had would have required force.