A TODDLER died in a bath after his mum became distracted by his siblings, an inquest has heard.

Twenty-one month-old Paul Felix Dragon Carter-Young was found face down in the bath by mum Kelly Young at their home in Booth Road, Stacksteads, on Thursday, April 10.

An ambulance was called to the house shortly before 9pm and the child was rushed to Royal Blackburn Hospital, where he was pronounced dead just before 9.30pm.

PC Martin Hall, coroner’s officer, said: “He was put in the bath by his mother Kelly Young.

“She has then become distracted by his siblings and has returned to find him lying face down in the bath. CPR was performed and the emergency services were called and he was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital.” A post-mortem examination was conducted at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital by Dr Melanie Newbold and Dr Naomi Carter, but no cause of death was offered.


The inquest was adjourned for further toxicology and histology reports.

A police spokesman said they were called to the house by the ambulance service at 8.55pm on April 10.

At 9.30pm they were informed that Paul had died at Royal Blackburn Hospital.

A police spokesman said: “There are no suspicious circumstances.

“It appears to be just a very tragic accident.”