GRANDMA June Eastham was left fuming at her energy company after her boiler broke down and flooded a storage room at her house.

The 56-year-old, who has since been without hot water or central heating, said she has spent the last week desperately trying to get engineers from ScottishPower to come and sort out the problem, but to no avail.

Mrs Eastham, of Woodlea Chase, says she pays the company nearly £100 per month for gas and electricity, which includes insurance for her boiler.

She said: “At the start of April my boiler kept blowing out and ScottishPower did send someone, who said it needed a new part.

“About a week later, which was Monday last week, they came to fit the part and said it would be okay after that.

“But then the next day there was water coming through the kitchen ceiling and the whole room above had flooded. The carpet was actually floating and all these boxes had fallen across the door so I couldn’t even get in.

“I’ve been ringing the company ever since, to try to get them out again, but no-one has turned up.

“I was told that someone was coming last Thursday but they didn’t come. Apparently they’re still waiting for a part.”

Mrs Eastham, who has a daughter and two grandchildren, added: “It’s just not good enough to expect someone to wait this long.

“It’s been freezing and I’m having to boil kettles for hot water. That room’s in such a state as well and the water is destroying the house. It has really upset me.

“My daughter and her husband have been over to help dry out the storage room but my husband is working in Afghanistan at the moment, in the electrical department on one of the military bases.

“He’s even tried calling the company from over there to get this sorted out.”

A spokesman for ScottishPower said an engineer was due to visit the property today to ‘carry out further repairs following the discovery of a leak’ and an investigation into the cause would be carried out.

He added: “ScottishPower aims to provide a high standard of service at all times and we are very sorry that Ms Eastham has not received the level of service expected.”