THE East Lancashire derby will attract a global audience with Rovers fans abroad watching the action live on television.

Jon Van Der Heiden, 26, who lives in Perth, Western Australia, will watch the match at a local bar.

Mr Van Der Heiden, who is originally from Northampton, started supporting Rovers as a youngster when the club was at the pinnacle of its Premier League success.

He said: “The game kicks off over here at 8.30pm, which is the perfect time for a cheeky ale.

“Championship game’s are rarely covered over here so I am often tuned into Rovers Player, but the derby will be shown at a sports bar at the Burswood Casino.

“I feel this week is a huge opportunity for someone to step up and inspire our next generation of Rovers.

“We have a lot of young players and I think the stage is set for someone to really make a name for themselves.”

In Sweden, 40-year-old Thomas Loften will watch the match at his home in Enkoping.

He said: “I am nervous. I couldn’t watch the game at Turf Moor but listened to the radio and we were so lucky that day.

“I want to say we will win 2-0 with goals from Rhodes and Dunn but I would be settled with us not losing.

“I think a win could really put belief back for the chase for the play-off place.”