COMMUNITY leaders have slammed a man who was filmed trying to sell a sex act for £40 to a motorist in a Burnley car park.

Terry Hartley, 26, from Colne, was approached by the man after he had parked just off Briercliffe Road on his way to work at Tattitude.

The middle-aged man, who spoke with a Merseyside accent, asked if he would pay £40 to receive a sex act from a woman stood nearby.

Talking to Mr Hartley through his open car window, the man said: “For £40, right now. Do you want to do it or not? I’ll wait over there. She will do it for you right now.

“She has the best body in Burnley.”

Mr Hartley told the man, who was drinking from a can of strong lager: “Are you mad? You have got beer goggles on.

“It’s 9.30am and you’re on the Special Brew.”

After reducing his ‘price’ to £20 doesn’t earn him any money, the man then tries to sell aftershave from his pocket, and even his watch.

The woman, who does not appear in the video, then went and stood down a neighbouring alleyway.

Mr Hartley filmed the incident on his mobile phone which has now received more than 225,000 hits on Youtube.



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Coun Peter McCann, of Lanehead ward, said: “It’s a shocking state of affairs, and especially to have been done in such a manner – randomly picking someone in a car park.

“It’s also very sad because we have no idea how willing the woman was in this, or if she was being forced. It is a problem that really needs stamping out.”

Coun Arif Khan said: “We condemn this sort of behaviour. The area needs cleansing of these people."

When Mr Hartley turned down the offer, the man, who was carrying a can of strong lager, tried to sell him a Lacoste watch and a bottle of aftershave.

Mr Hartley, who works part-time doing body-piercing, described the encounter as both 'hilarious and sad'.

He said: “I had just put the handbrake on in my car to go and open up the shop at 9.30am on Saturday when he came over.

“I couldn’t believe what he was saying to me. I’ve never had anyone ask me anything like that before.

“I spent ages there after he’d gone, watching the video back and laughing.

“It’s funny, but it’s kind of tragic as well.”

Mr Hartley, a mixed martial artist, said he regularly sees drunks staggering in the area, and could imagine it being an area where soliciting goes on, though had never seen it before.

He said: “I wasn’t at any point considering taking the offer - it’s prostitution.

“The woman walked off quickly down the path when he said that to me. She was going to wait.

“He was being genuine. I totally believed he was being serious. It was like a dark comedy.”

Mr Hartley said he uploaded the video for his friends to have a laugh about it.

He said: “The next thing I knew, 5,000 people had shared it and it had had a quarter of a million views on Youtube. I’m really surprised.

“I’ve had lots of people start following me and I’ve had loads of girls getting in touch with me, saying I’ve got a nice voice. It’s crazy."

A police spokesman urged anybody with information to contact them on 101.