NEW figures showing Britain has lost 10,000 pubs in a decade have sparked a call for tax changes to boost the ‘local’.

North West Euro-MP Paul Nuttall warned: “Sadly more will close especially if tax and costs keep rising.” In August the Lancashire Telegraph revealed the scale of pub closures across East Lancashire. with dozens closing their doors for good.

One fifth of Blackburn locals called time in 2012, among the worst rates in the country. UKIP deputy leader Mr Nuttall said: “In the North West alone, where nearly 20,000 jobs depend on the region's 14 breweries and 1049 pubs, four a week are closing.

"It cannot be right that supermarkets pay 1.5p in tax on a pint of beer yet pubs pay 15p.

"The pub trade has always been a vital component in community life but it has been steadily eroded over the last ten years. Pubs are being treated unfairly by the financial levies imposed on it and this situation needs to be addressed urgently.

"The government should be helping ease their financial burden and guaranteeing a level playing field so that supermarkets do not have an unfair advantage with cut price booze prices.”