THE decision not to charge Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw over his expenses should be reviewed, according to the man who first raised concerns.

Sam Chapman has queried the Independent Police Complaints Commission report on which the Crown Prosecution Service based its decision last month.

The former Tory county councillor, whose inquiries prompted the scrutiny of Labour's Mr Grunshaw, raised concerns after receiving a pre-publication draft. Now the IPCC is carrying out ‘further investigatory work’.

Last month Mr Grunshaw admitted he made ‘mistakes’ in some of his expenses. The IPCC is understood to have found 37 incorrect claims and 28 occasions where Mr Grunshaw could have claimed but did not.

The CPS said there was ‘insufficient evidence’ any claims had been ‘submitted dishonestly’ and 28 non-claims ‘suggested’ no financial gain was sought.

Mr Chapman said there were grounds to investigate further the 28 instances where Mr Grunshaw is said not to have claimed when entitled to.

He said: “More investigation is needed.

“I am not suggesting this is anything to do with Mr Grunshaw himself.

“These quite small points become important when the CPS relied on them in its decision not to prosecute. That decision should be reviewed.”

Mr Grunshaw said in a statement: “I have received no indication from the IPCC that they intend to reopen their investigation.

“The CPS concluded I had no case to answer and as far as I'm concerned that has drawn a line under Sam Chapman's allegations.”

An IPCC spokesman said: “The commission is to carry out further investigatory work into expenses claims made by the Commissioner following representations made after an announcement that no charges were to be brought in the case.”

A CPS spokesperson said: “We await the outcome of the IPCC investigations and will, of course, consider any new evidence we are given.”