CANCER battler Sam Shaw’s £250,000 immunotherapy treatment in the US is working, scans have revealed.

The four-year-old, of Hoddlesden, who has been in Philadelphia since October, is fighting against childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

After his diagnosis in January last year, a public appeal was launched to raise the cash needed to send him across the Atlantic for the potentiall life-saving treatment.

And after three courses of immunotherapy, mum Christine said the scans were looking positive.

She said: “Sam had another round of scans on Tuesday to check that the treatment was working and the cancer hasn’t relapsed.

“I am delighted to say that it is good news and Sam is doing well on treatment.”

The scans preceded Sam starting his fourth cycle of immunotherapy yesterday.

The Glencoe Avenue youngster will be in hospital for five nights while on a continuous infusion for 96 hours.

He is due to be discharged on Wednesday before going back in for a further 96-hour infusion.

Christine, who has been joined in Philadelphia by Sam’s grandad Philip, said: “Once again Sam has made great progress since his last round of treatment.

“His hair is growing, he is getting his appetite back, he has had so much energy this last week or so it has been absolutely fantastic.

“Sam’s best buddy Gaga (grandad) is here staying with us at the moment. “It has been wonderful for me to watch them play and hear Sam’s laughter throughout the day as they get up to no good.

“The age gap means nothing when the two of them get together.

“Once again I would like to sincerely thank everyone in East Lancashire for all the supportive messages and comments.

“It means a lot to us to have such positive thoughts and prayers being sent to us through these difficult times.”