DRIVERS in Great Harwood and Langho have more points on their licences than anywhere else in East Lancashire.

Statistics from the DVLA show that in the BB6 postcode area, 1,293 motorists have penalty points out of a total of 9,896 licence holders.

This equates to just over 13 per cent of drivers in the area having an endorsed licence, Of those with penalty points, 36 have nine or more.

Points can be given for a variety of offences including drink-driving, speeding, and using a mobile phone.

Motorists who build up 12 or more points within three years can be disqualified from driving.

But Mark Jones, a driving instructor based in Old Langho, said he believes the high number of penalty points in the area was down to stricter enforcement rather than worse driving.

He said: “There are a lot of coppers with speed cameras round this area, that’s the one thing I would say.

“That’s the only thing I can put it down to.

“There are a lot of little ones coming out of Reed. They know that people use it as a shortcut and use that to get them.

“I don’t think you can stop people speeding.

“Unless you’re like me and actually teach people how to drive, it’s very difficult to change people’s attitudes towards speed, particularly when they have driven for years, and people now are under so much pressure that they do tend to go faster than they should.” The BB1 postcode area has 34,063 drivers, of whom 11.45 per cent (3,900 drivers) have points on their licences.

Some 153 drivers have nine or more points.

The BB3 postcode area has 20,271 drivers and 2,116 (10.44 per cent) have points on their licences.

No-one from Lancashire Police was available to comment.