A Lance Corporal from Coppull and her dog are saving lives in Afghanistan by helping to find deadly bombs and weapons.

Rachael Usher, 24, is based at Shawqat in Helmand province, with her dog Fax and they are called out to locate potentially lethal explosive devices.

The former Holy Cross RC High School pupil is a search dog handler with 104 Theatre Military Working Dog Support Unit, part of the Army Veterinary Corps.

Rachael said: “He’s such a great dog, and has a really cheeky personality. I’m not going to be able to let him go when we finish the tour.

“I’ve already submitted my request to rehome him when he finishes his time in the Army.”

So far Fax has already discovered seven bombs, saving countless lives.

Fax, a three year old Belgian Shepherd, is brilliantly suited for this dangerous work.

Fast and agile, loyal and clever he responds to his masters directions to sniff out any sign of trouble.

Rachel is spending her spare time training for The Great Manchester run that she is doing when she returns home.

She is doing the run to raise money for the Guide Dog Association.

She said: “It’s really good to have Fax as a training partner, he never gets tired.

“My sister Clare is training for the run as well, back home in England. We always speak to see how each other’s training is going.”