Alleyways have been bricked up to keep out the yobs on a Coppull estate.

The first phase of works to provide a £250,000 revamp of the Longfield Avenue housing scheme are complete.

Alleyways throughout the Chorley Community Housing (CCH) estate, which were a source of nuisance for local residents because they were a congregating point for local youths, have been bricked up.

Now work is set to start on removing the communal paved areas around the 1960s estate and providing the 55 households with their own front gardens.

Neighbourhood Officer Craig Bradshaw said: “The alleyways went under some of the houses, which had bedrooms immediately above, and were a source of anti-social behaviour in the area for years.

“People would shelter there, disturbing the residents, even if they weren’t necessarily trying to be a nuisance.

“Now that the alleyways are bricked up, there are fewer places for people to congregate.

“There are also fewer rat runs through the estate, giving the place a more secure feel.”

The environmental improvements for the estate are set to move into a second phase of works, with the arrival of heavy machinery to remove the flagstones and their replacement with new fences and individual gardens.

Craig added: “In a few weeks’ time, the estate will look completely different.

"After a long period of the area not being loved, I hope residents will feel that their estate really starts to feel like a place that people can be proud of.”