A sheltered housing complex is set to close under plans to deal with unsatisfactory housing conditions at two schemes in Coppull.

Chorley Community Housing say that Arcon House is to undergo a £570,000 makeover, with unpopular bedsits converted into larger flats that will have new kitchens and bathrooms, while nearby sheltered bedsit scheme The Willows is to be closed.

The proposals, which are presently the subject of tenant consultation, have been discussed with residents.

Housing chiefs are now starting consultation with individual residents in the Willows to identify suitable other accommodation for them to move to. The consultation process is expected to take several weeks.

CCH Director of Operations Richard Houghton said: “Both Arcon House and The Willows contain bedsit flats. These were built in the 1960s but haven’t stood the test of time. There is simply no demand for them now, even though there is a shortage of rented housing in Chorley overall.

"At Arcon House, there are nine flats empty. The Willows has ten flats empty, including one that has been empty for ten years.

"The residents in the scheme are very happy, but we’ve been struggling to find new tenants when vacancies arise.”

Mr Houghton added: "This isn’t a decision that has been rushed into.

"We’ve looked at other options, and we’ve tried advertising empty flats but without success.

"So we’ve concentrated on how to modernise both schemes to provide accommodation that meets the needs of the future.

"At Arcon House, we think we can provide accommodation that will meet the needs of the future by knocking two bedsits together to make larger flats.

"Unfortunately, The Willows can’t be converted in the same way because of the original design of the building and so closure is the only realistic option."

CCH has held initial consultation meetings with both sets of residents.

"Everyone who needs to move will be given as much choice as possible as to where they move to, and if they want to stay in Coppull we’ll aim to do this.

"We’ll also meet all the costs that people might incur in moving," saud Mr Houghton.