A Chorley supermarket is among the first in the country to put life-saving defibrillators in place.

Asda stores in Lancashire, including the Clayton Green store, have joined forces with the North West Ambulance Service to trial the devices.

Defibrillators are a lifeline for people suffering cardiac arrests, or other heart-related problems, in public places.

They come equipped with an internal computer and automated voice, which guides users through every step, making them useable by anyone – even if you have not had a familiarisation session.

They monitor heart activity once pads are fitted to the patient, and instruct the user based on the readings they take. The equipment also internally self-tests and provides a clear indication with a green, or red, light whether there is any fault.

The Asda staff will be fully trained on the daily checking procedures. Members of the community resuscitation team at NWAS have already visited the stores to conduct defibrillator familiarisation sessions with staff.

Mary Whyman, chairman of NWAS, said: “The defibrillators save lives. The Resuscitation Council (UK) strongly recommends the implementation of early defibrillation in cardiac arrests and, through widespread deployment of defibrillators, we can help reduce mortality rates.

“This is an extremely positive step taken by Asda and we welcome its partnership.”

David McNally, community resuscitation development manager, said: “It is proven that in every minute that passes without intervention, the chances of survival decreases by 14per cent.”