A German shepherd dog which bit a postal worker must be kept on a lead and muzzled.

Owner Gourpeaji Singh, 33, of Montcliffe Road, Chorley, had the order made against him in a civil case at South Ribble Magistrates Court.

Magistrates also ordered at whichever property Mr Singh is living, he must keep the dog, Vicki, in a secure area so it cannot roam free.

The court heard that a postwoman was pushing her mail trolley along Brooke Street, in the direction of Eaves Lane last July when she passed the defendant and his brother walking a German Shepherd dog.

The dog bit the postwoman on her upper thigh and the defendant and his brother pulled the dog back.

Magistrates were told that following the attack, the postwoman returned to the Royal Mail depot and sanitised the bite, which had led to bruising but not bleeding.

The case was investigated by Chorley Council which visited the defendant’s house to identify the owner of the dog.

The court also heard that on three previous occasions in 2009, Royal Mail reported the dog, known as Vicki, to Chorley Council for being aggressive to postal staff near its home and for being left to roam the streets.

Jamie Carson, corporate director for people and places at Chorley Council, said: “This was a horrible attack on a postwoman simply walking along the street, trying to do her job.” He added that all dogs should be kept under close control.

As well as making the order for the dog to be kept on a lead, muzzled in public places and kept secure at the defendant’s address, Singh was ordered to pay £250 costs.