DRUG warrants have been carried out as part of a police intelligence operation which has seen more than 50 arrests since being launched last year.

Operation Hawk was carried out across Chorley today as part of a scheme targeting organised crime groups operating in the area.

The team, made up of neighbourhood officers, response patrols and the intelligence unit, was first set up in November last year in response to concerns raised by the community about drug dealing.

Since then officers have conducted more than 50 stop checks, executed 15 drugs warrants and made more than 50 arrests.

They have seized six cars, recovered large amounts of cocaine and heroin along with several thousand pounds in cash.

Chief inspector Mike Adamson said: “When we began the operation, it had a major impact on drug dealing activity in Chorley with local feedback identifying dealers who were actually refusing to supply to users due to the police presence in the area.

“The fact that our activity was having an effect and a disruptive impact in the area was really encouraging and so we made a decision to keep the team running into 2017.

"It’s really important to us that people understand that we have zero tolerance when it comes to drug dealing and the associated crime and violence that often goes along with."

The work of the Operation Hawk team is also closely supported by the Early Action teams and several partner agencies to enforce the work in the area.

The police team has also said it wants to build on relationships with people in the area who have played a 'critical' part in the operation.

Chief inspector Adamson said: "We hope that by carrying out these warrants and making arrests, not only will we be able to disrupt and deal with those involved, but that it will help to warn and educate young people about the consequences."