THE final development land at a former armaments factory has been sold to housebuilders.

BAE Systems said the land at the former Chorley ROF has been sold to Persimmon Homes and Redrow Homes.

This brings to an end BAE Systems’ involvement in the main part of the redevelopment of site.

ROF Chorley was mobilised in 1939, and was one of the two largest filling factories in the country.

The 928-acre site, built between Euxton and Leyland, had a nine-mile perimeter fence.

The site employed 35,000 people at the peak of the war, and provided essential wartime ammunition to British armed forces. It accommodated up to 20,000 ‘residents’ from around the country, and around the world – with a contingent from the US billeted on site.

Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle, said: “This is an important moment in our local history.

“Now, when you drive through Buckshaw Village it is hard to believe that it used to be the site of the ROF.

“Chorley ROF played a vital role in nearly every conflict from 1939 up until the first Gulf War. Stages of production of the Dambusters bouncing bomb took place here. Then, in 1992 when the Gulf War broke out and bomb casings from WWII, that had been mothballed at the arsenal at Heapey, were brought back to Euxton, the factory operated 24 hours a day to refill the shells and ensure they were shipped to the Gulf. ”