PEOPLE who stole almost £500 destined for a children’s hospice have been described as ‘the lowest of the low’.

The money, which pubgoers collected for Derian House in Chorley, was taken during a break-in at the Prince of Wales pub in Cowling Brow in the town.

After forcing their way in from the backyard, intruders emptied an envelope from a box under the till containing £260. The envelope was clearly marked ‘Derian House money’.

A five-litre whiskey bottle, containing loose change and thought to contain more than £200, was also stolen.

Non-charity related cash amounting to around £340 was also taken last Sunday.

Landlord John Grainger, 56, who has run the Prince of Wales for just over a year, said he was ‘angered and upset’.

He said: “These people are beneath contempt. It would have been obvious to the scum that did this that this was charity money. It was clear the money was for Derian House. Every one of my customers is furious and there are a lot of questions being asked in this neighbourhood to try and catch who did this.

“If anyone knows anything about this, please do the decent thing and call the police.”