There was an increase in the number of people caught drink driving during Chorley and South Ribble’s police’s Christmas crackdown.

The figures, which also incude West Lancashire, saw 34 people failing or refusing the test in December, 0.8 per cent of those stopped.

In December 2011, 29 drivers, or one per cent of those stopped, failed the test or refused to provide a specimen.

The rise is partially explained by a significant rise in the number of tests administered.

Last month 4,182 people were stopped and tested in the three boroughs, up from 2,964 during the equivalent period in 2011.

The annual crackdown on drink driving saw high-profile enforcement activity take place around the clock across the county.

Supt Richard Morgan said: “This year we have tested more drivers than ever.

“The number of people caught drink driving or refusing to provide a specimen has increased, which is indicative of our approach to better targeting of offenders.

“However it does highlight that perhaps some motorists are becoming complacent and taking chances.

“Last year 280 people were killed across the country in accidents where the driver was over the limit. If you drink and drive you risk killing an innocent person or yourself. It is really that simple.”

During the latest campaign, 2.7 per cent of under 25s tested failed or refused the test.

Supt Morgan added: “Of the 281 people that tested positive or refused to provide a specimen, 79 or 34.6 per cent, were under the age of 25. We have been working closely with this age group to educate them on the dangers of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“This has included visits to colleges and universities. We will continue with this work in a bid to get the message across that drink driving is simply unacceptable.”