A Farington shop has had its licence to sell alcohol revoked by South Ribble Borough Council following a complaint by the police.

The licence for Kwik Save Local, 12-14 Stanifield Lane, was revoked by the council’s licensing sub-committee after an application by the police.

They said they were not confident the licence holder had proper control of activities taking place at the premises.

Police applied for a review of Kwik Save Local’s licence after inquiries revealed the business was employing illegal immigrants not entitled to work in the UK.

As a result, they believed the licence holder was undermining a licensing objective of preventing crime and disorder.

The police said they had real concerns about the ownership and management of the premises, and asked the council to revoke the licence because no appropriate conditions could be imposed to address the matter.

Councillor John Rainsbury, chair of South Ribble Borough Council’s licensing committee, said: “We take any breaches of licensing objectives and conditions very seriously.

“Employing illegal immigrants is a criminal offence that clearly falls into this category, and members felt we had no alternative in this case but to revoke the licence.“