A man has been fined and a car seized after numerous reports from members of the public concerning fireworks being thrown in the streets.

Police had received several complaints about a car being driven around the Leyland area with the occupants were throwing fireworks from the vehicle.

On October 13, a further report was received that the car had been seen again with fireworks being thrown which caused a driver to swerve on to the footpath. After an initial area search a vehicle was stopped by officers in Westgate and the driver and passengers in the car were spoken to.

A 29-year-old man from Preston who was a passenger in the car admitted throwing bangers from the vehicle and was also found with three unspent bangers in his possession.

He was issued with an £80 penalty notice for disorder for an offence of throwing fireworks in a public place.

The driver of the vehicle was already subject of a section 59 warning for using another vehicle in an anti-social manner in January this year, this second warning subsequently led to an on the spot seizure of his vehicle.

Sgt McNally from Leyland police said: “Throwing fireworks in the street presents a real danger to the public as well as the individual and will be dealt with firmly and appropriately by local officers.”