A man who caused repeated nuisance to residents in Adlington has been banned from the area.

Dale Murphy, also known as Chris Murphy or Chris Evanson, has been banned from the Windsor Avenue area after Chorley Community Housing (CHH) successfully applied for a without notice injunction against him.

Murphy is the ex-partner of a CHH tenant, whom he had been visiting in Windsor Avenue.

Neighbours alleged that problems started as soon as Murphy's partner moved into the CCH property.

While at the property it was claimed that he would become intoxicated and have loud and sometimes violent arguments with the tenant.

These spilled onto the street and were witnessed by other residents and children.

The police were frequently called to the address by residents and the tenant.

The problems stopped for a short time as Murphy was in prison but on release he returned to the address and was arrested for causing more problems in the area.

To protect the residents and allow them to peacefully enjoy their homes again, CCH went to court and applied for an injunction to prevented Murphy from entering Windsor Avenue and being threatening or abusive in public.

Tenancy enforcement officer Jonelle Cox said: “After an initial hearing, we went back to court for the return hearing to allow Murphy to defend his case.

“He did not turn up or offer any defence and the judge ordered that the injunction was to continue for the full 12 months.

“I’m so pleased that I was able to get the injunction to ban him from the area.

“This will hopefully allow the residents to feel safe in their homes and allow their children to play outside again.”