Coffee from a well-known shop chain is perking up the blooms in Chorley gardens. 

Around seven kilos per day of the nitrogen-rich coffee grounds from the Costa Coffee shop in Chorley’s Market Walk is being used by local gardeners as fertiliser.

Manager Dawn Eschner said the used grounds are an excellent nutritional additive to soil, so each day they are saved and bagged for local gardeners.

During the brewing process most of the acidity is removed from the coffee beans.

Dawn, said: “By adding grounds directly to gardens and applying this green material as a side dressing to nitrogen-loving plants, including most perennials and alliums it can have a really beneficial effect on gardens and allotments.”

The coffee waste, which would otherwise be binned with the rest of the rubbish, can prove particularly beneficial when mixed with the likes of leaves or dried grass.

Dawn said she was first approached by a customer who had read about the waste being used in other countries such as the United States.

Among the recipients is Chris Sumner, 48, who is on the shopping centre’s maintenance staff and is responsible for the centre’s flowerbeds. “I’ve been a keen gardener since I was about 15 and I never use chemicals on my gardens, so it’s great having these coffee grounds available,” he said.