Scrap metal thieves have been targeted by police as part of a week of action across the county.

The operation, which took place on Wednesday, October 10, saw officers visit 82 scrap yards and metal dealers and carry out 164 roadside checks of vehicles involved in the transportation of metal.

Seven people were arrested for theft and drugs offences and 16 vehicles were taken off the road for having no insurance and for defects such as tyres and lighting.

Eight motorists were reported for having no license to carry scrap metal.

The activity was carried out during a regional week of action which was led by British Transport Police working in partnership with local authorities and The Department for work and Pensions.

Chief Inspector Joanne McHugh, who coordinated the operation in Lancashire, said: “The theft of metal costs individuals and businesses thousands of pounds each year. It can also be dangerous with thieves risking life and limb to steal pipes and cables.

“Operations such as this are useful to remind scrap metal dealers and carriers of their responsibilities when receiving scrap metal.”