A man who was spotted throwing a can he had just been drinking from into grass on the roadside now faces a £165 bill.

Paul Harbison, 44, of Goldbourne Street, Preston pleaded guilty by letter and magistrates sitting at Leyland fined him £75 and ordered him to pay £75 costs and £15 victim surcharge.

The magistrates heard that two PCSOs driving on the A49 Wigan Road, Euxton, in a marked CCTV van saw a man walking along the pavement drinking from a can. They then saw him throw the can into grass by a stone wall, they pulled up and spoke to him and cautioned him for littering. He was issued with a fixed penalty notice and two reminders were sent to him, the court was told. He challenged the notice, but the council was satisfied the offence had taken place and the notice correctly issued, but it wasn’t paid.

Councillor Terry Brown, who oversees environmental issues for the council, said: “We work hard to try and keep our streets clean but we do need people to play their part and use the bins provided for their litter, or take it home with them and bin it there.

“Mr Harbison had a rucksack with him, he could have put it in there until he found a bin.

“Litter is one of the main things that people complain to us about so we will clamp down hard on people who drop litter and we will issue fixed penalty notices and if they’re not paid we will take people to court.”