Adlington youngsters headed back to the classroom after their long summer holiday to a good soaking about where water comes from.

The regions water provider, United Utilities, launched its ‘All About Water’ study programme for primary schools at St Paul’s Primary School in Railway Road.

Year six pupils learned that turning of the tap while they brush their teeth can save six litres a minute, while spending minute less in the shower can save ten litres.

The kids got to play with cartoons, puzzles and games and got their own water diary to help remember simple things they can do around the home like putting baby wipes, cotton buds and nappies in the bin rather than flushing them down the toilet.

Chris Matthews from United Utilities, said: “Kids are naturally curious and are full of questions about the world around them.

“Parents and teachers can help keep that curiosity alive by finding ways to make learning about water fun and engaging.

“Hands-on experiences help kids of all ages grasp concepts and retain information.”

The water firm hopes that the children will go home and encourage their parents to mend leaking taps and put enough water in the kettle for one cup of tea.

The average person uses 140 litres of water, two bathfuls, of water a day compared to 127 litres in Germany and just 10 litres in Bangladesh. Ministers are also keen to reduce individual usage to 130 litres per person a day.

The Warrington-base firm hopes more than 200 schools will take-up their offer in the education and learning programme.