A Chorley aerospace worker has been shortlisted as a finalist to become young woman engineer of the year.

Philippa Riddoch, 25, is a BAE Systems manufacturing engineer working on the F-35 programme at Samlesbury.

The award, from the Institution of Engineering and Technology. recognises the very best female engineers under the age of 30 in the UK.

Phillippa, said: “I was shocked to hear I’d made it as a finalist – it’s a nice surprise. I come to work every day to be an engineer, I’ve been doing it so long now and I find it just comes naturally.

“To get this kind of recognition is fantastic, especially if it helps encourage other young women to believe that engineering is a real option for them.”

Philippa began work at BAE Systems in 2005 as an apprentice and currently works as an improvement engineer on the F-35 programme.

She has also represented the UK in ice hockey championships around the world.

She added: “I’ve worked in many different environments and sometimes I’ve been the only female in the area but that’s never been an issue as an engineer is an engineer; no matter what their gender.

“When that’s the attitude you’re met with every day, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can enjoy it and focus on doing your job the best you can.”