Staff at a housing association took a step back in time when an office clear out uncovered historical documents detailing the damage done to the town by German bombs in Word War Two.

Among the documents in the former Chorley Community Housing (CCH) buildings at Gillibrand Street were a register of the first council houses ever built in Chorley and a wartime log book giving details of bombing raids over the town.

CCH Director of operations Richard Houghton said: “The register of new houses includes details of council properties that were built going back to 1921 and shows how much each one cost to build.

“The first entry is for a four bedroom house which came in at just over £1,000."

The find also includes the Air Raid Precautions Report Centre log book for Chorley, which includes details of bombs dropped on Chorley and the damage sustained.

Richard Houghton said: "The ARP log is particularly fascinating, listing who attended each meeting and who had been out on patrol in the years from 1940 to 1944.

“It's like something from Dad's Army.

“I half expected Warden Hodges to appear and ask for his book back.”

CCH are now hoping that the documents can be given to a museum.

Richard Houghton said: “We have no use for these books ourselves but it would be a shame to throw them away.

“They really ought to be on display where members of the public can see them.”