A month-long police operation to stop cannabis growers in Lancashire in their tracks has ended with some ‘excellent results.’ Operation Broadley ran throughout Lancashire during March and involved officers executing warrants across the county and working with local authorities and other organisations to identify signs of cannabis cultivation and take action.

With the operation now over, police have revealed that 1,890 cannabis plants were seized worth an estimated £815,000.

In addition, 48 arrests were made and £6,400 in cash was found by police officers during Broadley’s four-week run.

The operation was spearheaded by Detective Chief Inspector Tim Leeson from Lancashire’s serious and organised crime unit.

He said: “Operation Broadley heralded some excellent results across the county and I am extremely pleased that we managed to pick up cannabis plants worth nearly £1million and make dozens of arrests.

“Although this specific operation has ended, we can reassure the public that police in Lancashire we will continue to target cannabis cultivators and bring their activities to a swift halt.”

“The community also has a role to play and I would urge people to report any suspicious activities that could be a tell-tale sign of cannabis cultivation such as a strange smell coming from a property.”