A MAN has been banned from his family home for five years after more than 50 complaints were made about arguing, fighting and general nuisance at the address.

A judge at Burnley County Court agreed a court order which effectively bans Craig Clarke, 26, from the family home in Hallwood Road, Chorley.

The order was made after landlord Chorley Community Housing (CCH) took legal action against tenant Amanda Grindley, 29, after three neighbours made complaints about Clarke’s allegedly violent and aggressive behaviour at the home which Grindley shared with Clarke and their two children.

The court has ordered that Grindley, who is the tenant of CCH, must exclude Clarke from the house with effect from 4pm February 15 and must refuse him entry if he tries to return.

If she allows Clarke to return to the house during the next five years then she is a risk of losing her home. Legal action was initially taken by CCH to exclude Clarke from the house in August 2010 as the landlord felt that he was the cause of many of the problems at the house.

However, at the first return hearing Grindley supported Clarke’s return to the family home and he was allowed back on the proviso that he behaved himself.

Despite the court injunction and other action by the landlord the problems continued and CCH took further legal action against Clarke and issued possession proceedings in respect of Grindley.

Tenancy enforcement officer Anna Schickhoff-Brown said: “Neighbours have been suffering because of Clarke and Grindley's behaviour for more than two years.

“Applying for possession was a last resort.

“If Ms Grindley does not abide by the court’s order then we will seek her eviction and she risks making herself and her two young children homeless.”