AN EUXTON mum is making a desperate plea to raise money to get her daughter life-saving treatment in Germany.
14-year-old Grace Fernando, who attends Leyland St Mary's Catholic Technology College, has battled with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare type of cancer that affects bones or the tissue around bones, since 2015.
But despite coming through the initial treatment, the infection has spread to both lungs, abdomen and bone marrow followed by a tumour in her right lung.
Now her mum Anita is desperately appealing for people to help raise the £200k the family needs to send Grace to Germany for treatment.
They have already spent two months in Oklahoma receiving proton therapy treatment on her cheek, a time when she had to go reconstruction work to repair the damage.
She said: "Grace was diagnosed in 2015 and has been through a very hard time. She's had lots of chemo, which makes her poorly, and now needs an operation on her right lung to remove tumour followed by radiotherapy.
"She's now on her fourth cycle of chemo after the infection has spread and her leg is so bruised and painful because of the injections. It's just awful to see your daughter through this.
"It's been a very hard time but I'm going to fight because she deserves to have a good life and fulfil her potential.
"She is having treatment now in the UK but there is a high risk of it coming back and there is a hospital in Germany that has the right medicine and care facilities that Grace could need to give her a chance.
"I'm not going to give up on my daughter. I've set up a justgiving page and we're contacting people on Twitter to get try and get people to help.
"If a miracle happens and she responds to her current treatment I will donate all the money to a children's charity to help help other children and parents in this situation."
So far the fund has raised just under £1000, but Anita is hoping to get people onboard.
She said: "My daughter desperately needs this treatment and I'm urging people to donate what they can.
"Grace is having to have an injection every day in this cycle of her treatment and it's really affecting her. I have two other children (Joshua 11 and Daniel 8) and they're very worried.
"I'd urge anyone who can to please help my daughter."
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