RESIDENTS in Chorley are being urged to make sure they are aware of 'unpopular' changes to their rubbish collections as new grey garden waste bins start to be rolled out this week.

The new opt in service costing £30 per bin for those who register, is being introduced for garden waste collections to cover a funding gap.

The new service, which comes into force from May 1, will also see other changes being made as paper and cardboard will be collected mixed together in the brown bins.

Councillor Alistair Bradley, leader of Chorley Council, said: "We knew the charge for garden waste collections would be unpopular but we feel this is the fairest way to continue to offer the service given the huge cuts in funding to ourselves and the county council, which is having to withdraw its recycling subsidy to us.

“We’ve done a lot to keep people informed of the changes, including writing to every household twice, but I’m aware that the message won’t have got through to everyone.

“You can still opt in to the garden waste service but you may miss some collections.”

The new look waste collection service will mean from Monday, May 1 everyone signing up garden waste collections will receive a new grey bin and they will be emptied every fortnight, the service is £30 per year, per bin.

For properties with brown bins these will be used for collecting paper and cardboard mixed together.

The green boxes and black pods will be replaced and paper and cardboard collections will move to every four weeks as there is double the capacity in the brown bin compared to the box and pod.

"The grey bins will start to be delivered from Monday and everyone who has opted in will also receive a letter and sticker to identify the bin with the property,” said Councillor Bradley

“You can still use your brown bin for garden waste collections up until after your last scheduled collection in April.

“If you don’t want to opt in to the scheme then you can compost at home, take your garden waste to the tip or consider sharing a bin with a neighbour to split the cost.

“We expect the phone lines to be busy next week so we’d encourage people to opt in or sign up online."