Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Adlington will appear at a charity event inspired by a miraculous ‘water baby’.

The retired swimmer will be the main attraction at a sponsored swim later this month, hosted by four-year-old Rosanna Ogden and her parents.

At just six-weeks-old, Rosanna had to undergo emergency surgery to remove a tumour in her heart, and has since amazed her parents with her swimming abilities.

She is one of the youngest children to swim 600 metres unaided and has already raised more than £500,000 for the British Heart Foundation through various feats in the pool.

The Chorley family’s latest fundraiser will be held at the David Lloyd sports club in the town on Saturday, August 16.

Mum Sanam said Rosanna harbours ambitions to swim in the Olympics and is a huge fan of Adlington, so she was thrilled when she agreed to take part.

She added: “Rosanna is happiest when she’s in the water. She just loves it. When she is at home, she’s very quiet and shy.

“But when she’s swimming, she comes into her own. People cannot believe it when they see her in the water. She’s so tiny, but she just swims and swims.

“Rosanna is still a heart patient, which makes it even more amazing. That’s why we want to raise another £20,000 for the British Heart Foundation. We feel very strongly about research.”

Fifty swimmers are needed to take part in the swim, email: sanamogden@gmail.com