PEOPLE dumping rubbish are to be named and shamed and face prosecution as a campaign is launched to stop those making the borough look a mess.

Each fly-tipping report Chorley Council receives this month will be posted online in a bid to shame the culprits and encourage people to come forward and help catch the perpetrators.

In the first few days of the campaign officers have already had to clean up 13 flytipping costing council taxpayers’ more than £1,500 to sort out.

The ‘Don’t Mess With Chorley’ campaign ties in three main areas of work that will be the monthly focus on separate issues, which will be flytipping, dog fouling, littering and graffiti.

It also encompasses skip days and organised clean ups as well as informing people where clean up work is taking place right across the borough.

The council deals with several flytips every week with some costing hundreds of pounds in staff time, transporting the rubbish and then disposing of it properly. Councillor Adrian Lowe, who is responsible for street cleaning at Chorley Council, said: “We’ve chosen to take a hard line with the ’Don’t Mess With Chorley’ campaign because we know residents think it’s unacceptable too.

“We’ll be shining the spotlight on flytipping for the next month just to show people what we have to deal with, how much time and effort has to be put into clearing the mess up and to make sure people report things to us.

“If you see some flytipping, don’t touch it, just report it to us; it’s important you don’t just ignore it because if we don’t know about it we can’t do anything about it.

“A lot of the work the council does can go unnoticed because people are often at work during the day and don’t always see the cleaning and general maintenance that goes on.

“The message is simple — Don’t Mess With Chorley — if people do we will take action to prosecute them.”

Flytipping, dog fouling, litter and graffiti can be reported online at or by calling 01257 515151.