A Chorley man faces a bill of more than £700 after he dropped a single cigarette end outside a takeaway.

Joseph Morrison, 26, of Eaves Lane, was found guilty in his absence by Chorley magistrates after he failed to turn up at court.

Magistrates heard that PCSOs were on duty in an unmarked vehicle in Chapel Street when they saw the defendant outside a takeaway throw the cigarette he’d been smoking on the floor.

He made no attempt to locate a bin or to pick it up but instead went into the shop.

Mr Morrison was issued with a fixed penalty notice for littering. However, he failed to pay the notice despite two reminders being sent to him.

The magistrates found him guilty and fined him £200 and ordered him to pay £521 costs plus a victim surcharge of £20.

Councillor Adrian Lowe, who is responsible for tackling litter for Chorley Council, said: “We work hard to keep our streets litter free and we need everyone to do their bit and place litter and cigarette butts in a bin.

“Litter dropped on the ground makes the place look a mess and it is one of the things that the majority of our residents feel very strongly about.

“Our CPSOs and neighbourhood officers do regular patrols and we will continue to take a tough stance against anyone who does not dispose of their litter or cigarette butts correctly.

“If Mr Morrison had paid the fixed penalty notice within 10 days of it being issued, it would have cost him £50, instead he’s now facing a hefty bill.”