A NURSE who stole vaccinations before asking a colleague to inject her will be allowed to return to work.

April Lorraine Miller, who had worked as a practice nurse at Regent House Surgery in Chorley, had been suspended for a year by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

She had previously admitted between May 2007 and August 2010 a number of errors in record keeping.

It was also found proved that she had taken a vaccine from the surgery without permission and asked a health care assistant at the surgery to administer it.

When she refused she self-administered those vaccinations and then told another staff member at the surgery that the vaccinations were from a private prescription.

She also administered a Typhoid vaccination in place of a Hepatitis vaccination to a patient and subsequently deleted records of that administration.

At the end of her suspension, a NMC panel replaced it with a six month conditions of practice order.

A panel report, said: “The panel is satisfied that you have demonstrated insight and remorse into this area of your misconduct such that it was satisfied that you would be highly unlikely to act dishonestly again in the future.

“The panel was satisfied on the basis of the courses you have completed, that conditions could be formulated that would sufficiently protect the public.”

Mrs Miller will be free to practice from June 14 subject to eight conditions which will remain in place for six months.

They include her notifying the NMC within a week of any nursing or midwifery appointment, informing the NMC of any professional investigation started against her and working with her line manager, to formulate a personal development plan specifically designed to address the deficiencies in record-keeping and medicines management.